Success in the designing, building and delivering of exciting and pioneering products in one or more of:

  • Advanced, usable and responsive user interfaces
  • Information architecture, especially Internet/Web
  • Scientific, medical, imaging, data storage, AI applications

Creative, yet methodical. Skeptical, yet curious. Passionate, yet easy to get along with. Effective as team lead, or as team member. Fast learner. Early adopter. First, I design for usability, reliability, testability, scalability, maintainability. Then, I code.

PS: This resume itself is an example of a responsive page layout; try looking at it on a big screen and a phone.


7/05 - present

Univ. Colorado/CIRES/NOAA/NGDC Enterprise Data Systems
Computer Scientist/Information Architect

Research Faculty at University of Colorado, Boulder in the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Science (CIRES). Work with NOAA National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC, now NCEI) to do science data and metadata ingest, archival, management and visualization. Full stack Agile (Scrum & Kanban) development of web apps, REST web services, back end processing and more. Using Java, Groovy/Grails, XML/XSLT, Javascript/JSON/Ajax/Bootstrap/JQuery, Unix shell, Perl, Struts/Tomcat, JSP, Oracle, MySQL/MariaDB, Spring and more as appropriate. Web presence and UX analytics. Personnel management (2006-2012) for 7 other CIRES faculty in the Enterprise Data Systems group.

2/05 - 5/06

Contract Software Engineer

Ongoing contract (full-time until 6/05) to develop SNMP agent for new XLS high-end tape library. Agent is based on the SNIA-SML-MIB and the CIM/SMI standard for storage management, using the jCIM open source package I contributed to. Implemented in Java using Tomcat, JMX, Struts, XSL and AdventNet.

2/01 - 1/05

Senior Software Engineer

Member of founding software team for a suite of high-end storage management applications for sale to Fortune 1000 companies. Product is designed in UML/OOA patterns and implemented in Java/J2EE, XML, Oracle and WebLogic in Unix and Windows development environments for a very wide range of customer hardware and software. I helped design the basic architecture (e.g. the XML/XSL configurable Web UI, collected requirements, generated design documents, implemented code, and worked with QA, tech pubs and support. Product used Web-based and Swing clients and a device API layer of open CIM/SMI [ ] standard for storage management.

11/99 - 1/01

Senior Software Engineer

Member of a small team who developed from requirements to release three of four products in a suite of web applications for sale to local business directories and portals for Web-based B2B and B2C communication. (The product suite and technology was sold to Webb, then Aptas/Local Matters) Designed in UML/Rational Rose OOA and implemented in Perl, MySQL, JavaScript, Java, XML, XSL, Oracle and WebLogic in Unix and WindowsNT development environments. Applications can be branded and localized for the client.

4/94 - 3/02

Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Concept, design and development of software products for e-commerce and the direct marketing industry. The company was a partnership of four people working out of our homes. The Mall of Catalogs went online in 1995 and was the original mail-order catalog inquiry generation site on the Web. The same e-commerce back-end was leveraged to produce the Mall of Books, a deep-discount online bookstore. MarketMaster as a cross-platform database marketing tool, built using Apache httpd, CGI, Perl, SAS and SCL/FRAME. Closed in 2002 (I had joined CreekPath).

10/89 - 11/99

Computer Scientist/Information Architect
9/94 - 11/99: National Geophysical Data Center, Solid Earth Geophysics, DATASWAT Team:

Extensive use of Web technologies (Perl, CGI, JavaScript). Web server maintenance (Unix-Linux-Solaris/Apache) and Macintosh network management. Various document and graphic design work. Consultation on NASA Pathfinder, Coastal Science Center and other environmental data programs.

Conceived and built:
GLOBE Teacher's Guide
This site (repurposed from 800-page hardcopy) won "Best Web Page in NOAA" award and uses WebBook (below). [Project leader]
WebBook technology
Online large document presentation, intuitive Web site navigation, search, self-running Web tours. [Creator]
Metadata/web page index and glossary creation system (NOT a "search"). [Independent project]
GeoVu data visualization tool
Development and port (from Windows) of cross-platform application on Unix and Macintosh with C & XVT. [3 person team project]
3/93-8/94: Forecast Systems Laboratory (now Global Systems Division), Research Division:

Unix/Fortran port from Vax of data quality control and other software for short-term weather forecasting model (RUC/MAPS surface analysis).

10/89-2/93: Forecast Systems Laboratory (now Global Systems Division), AI Branch:

Concept, design and development (in C and HyperCard) of an electronic scientist's notebook with hypertext, Metalog for Vax, Unix, Macintosh, Windows. Metalog was also used for an ocean-atmosphere dataset (COADS) metadata distribution.

6/82 - 9/89

Diasonics/Fischer Imaging
Software Engineer

[Diasonics was purchased by Fischer Imaging in 1985]. Digital Radiography startup with first commercial digital radiography machine. Medical image processing software R&D. Real-time acquisition and processing software for hi-res digital x-ray images to & from high speed disks. FORTRAN on DEC PDP-11 running RSX-11.

6/78 - 6/79

Stanford University, Dept. of Psychiatry
Student Research Assistant

Real time EEG acquisition & analysis software for psychophysics lab experiments. BASIC.

6/78 - 6/79

Stanford University, Dept. of Psychology (Karl Pribram Lab)
Student Research Assistant

Experiments and analysis of neural stimulation of cat visual cortex.

6/78 - 6/79

University of Chicago, Dept. of Radiology
Student Research Assistant

Helped develop interactive patient record system in a research cancer facility. FORTRAN.

6/78 - 6/79

University of Chicago, Dept. of Cardiology
Student Research Assistant

Software simulation of a nerve cell action potential. FORTRAN, PDP-11 assembly.


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As a courtesy to my references, please allow me to notify them that you will be contacting them.

Martin Aubrey Senior Software Engineer NOAA/CIRES/CU, Boulder, CO
Rob Prentice Senior Software Engineer NOAA/CIRES/CU, Boulder, CO
Ken Tanaka Senior Software Engineer, Agile Scrummaster NOAA/CIRES/CU, Boulder, CO
Heather McCullough Information Specialist, Web designer, Online Committee Chair NOAA/NGDC, Boulder, CO
Anna Milan EMMA Product Owner, Metadata Guru NOAA/CIRES/CU, Boulder, CO
David Fischman Geomagnetic Calculators Product Owner, CIRES Science Advisor, Multibeam Data Manager, and more NOAA/CIRES/CU, Boulder, CO
Manoj Nair, Ph.D. Global Magnetic Models Scientist NOAA/CIRES/CU, Boulder, CO
Barry Eakins, Ph.D. Chief Scientist of NOAA/MGG, and CIRES Lead Supervisor NOAA/CIRES/CU, Boulder, CO
Marcus Cole Cartographer and GIS specialist NOAA/NOS, Boulder, CO
Carla Moore Marine Geology Data Manager, NGDC Web Site Coordinator NOAA/NOS, Boulder, CO
Dan Price Lt. Commander NOAA Corps, Bathymetry Program Manager NOAA/NGDC, Boulder, CO
David Rodziewicz Lt. JG NOAA Corps, Hydrography Data Manager NOAA/NGDC, Boulder, CO
William Moninger, Ph.D. Director Artificial Intelligence, Forecast Systems Laboratory NOAA/FSL (now ESRL/GSD), Boulder, CO
Greg Comeau Principal Architect Webb and CreekPath, Boulder, CO (now at HP)
Michael Kearney Principal Software Engineer CreekPath and Qualstar, Boulder, CO (now at EMC)
Fred Puls VP Accelx Development Webb Interactive, Boulder, CO (now at Charles Schwab)
Tom Bender Chief Architect Webb Interactive, Boulder, CO (now at History Spots)
Paul Smolensky, Ph.D. Professor of Computer Science University of Colorado, Boulder (now at Johns Hopkins)
David Gustafson, Ph.D. VP, Advanced Development Fischer Imaging, Denver, CO (now Medical Device Consultant, Seattle)